Company Name
Nippon Marine Logistics, Ltd.
5th FL., 1-36-7 Nihonbashi-Kakigaracho, 103-0014 Tokyo, Japan
TEL. 81-3-5649-9110
20,000,000 JPY
1-February, 2000
14 (as of 1-August, 2015)
The Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
The Resona Bank

Brief History

2000 Established
2008 The head office was ralocated to Kakigaracho-Chiba Bldg., 1-36-7 Nihonbashi-Kakigaracho, 103-0014 Tokyo.
 Nippon Marine Logistics, Ltd is originating from the logistics division of the company called Nippon Maritime Co Ltd, who was one of the major shipping agents in Japan in the past. Nippon Maritime Co Ltd was established in 1959 as agent division of Mitsubishi Kaiun Co Ltd who had been merged with Nippon Yusen Kaisha in 1964.
 At the easly stage, when we played a role of logistics division of Nippon Maritime Co Ltd, our main service area was limited like short sea such as to/from Korea and South East Asia however, based on the strong voice and recommendation from domestic and overseas customers, we became independent from Nippon Maritime Co Ltd and established Nippon Marine Logistics Ltd on 1st February 2000 in order to expand service scope and its quality.